Comprehensive GDPR and management features for design and daily management of GDPR and privacy compliance

Appointments Management

Create and manage your appointment statements starting from templates for the key roles involved in personal data management.

Assets Management

Make an inventory, categorize, assess the assets containing personal data

IT Systems Inventory

Make an Inventory, categorize, assess the IT systems processing personal data

Data Flow Mapping

Map and show the flow of your personal data and highlight those crossing borders

Suppliers & Vendors Management

Evaluate the risks related to your suppliers and vendors, record and monitor data processing agreements

Issues / Non Conformities Management

Manage non-compliances of the GDPR management system through workflow. Manage issues concerning the GDPR management system which are not breaches or non compliances yet.

Audit Management

Manage the execution and results of periodic audits.

FAQ portal

Your Portal to organize and enable easy access to GDPR FAQs, preconfigured with useful information.

How it is different

Privacy–Now software gives you the maximum power and flexibility

Cloud or On Permise

Choose Privacy-Now as a cloud service or to install and use it on your premise. You have maximum flexibility.

Dashboard & Analytics

Privacy-Now makes it possible to oversee and govern all GDPR aspects by means of customizable dashboards & analytics.

Mobile App

Acces and manage your GDPR process with your mobile device, Android or iOS.


Leverage a wide set of predefined reports for GDPR control and compliance. Build and distribute your onw report with the wysiwig reporting designer.

Workflow Engine

Customize GDPR process automation with the embedded powerful workflow engine.

Customibizable Forms

Customize data and forms to your needs.

Easy Integration

Build interfaces with other tools involved in GDPR compliance management.

Multi Language

Privacy-Now user interface is available in English, French and Italian, while the process GUI is easily customizable in any language with international settings support.

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